Mission & Philosophy

Mission and Vision

Glen Canyon Outdoor Academy is committed to providing an active student-centered environment through outdoor expeditionary learning, collaborative teachers, and family and community engagement that will develop inquisitive explorers, cultivate creative thinkers and empower resilient learners.

Commitment to Equity

GCOA is committed to cultivating an equitable and safe environment that supports the growth and development of all students and staff. We welcome and embrace students, staff, and families from all backgrounds.

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How We Learn

The fusion of world renowned natural beauty and GCOA’s new and innovative approach of weaving culture, nature, and student-led programs into our custom tailored curriculum will support students to achieve goals and excel while fostering curiosity, creativity, and a passion for learning.

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GCOA Students Will Be...


At GCOA we are explorers who curiously engage in all learning experiences and expeditions.


At GCOA we are stewards who advocate for and take care of each other, our community, and the environment.

Socially Aware

At GCOA we are socially aware and we strive to engage with others in a positive way.

Self Aware

At GCOA we are self aware and we push ourselves and cultivate learning experiences that help us to learn about ourselves.

Creative Thinkers

At GCOA we are creative thinkers who are persistent problem solvers that think outside the box.