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A free public charter school
An Expeditionary Learning School
At The center of the Grand Circle
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A Free K-7th grade public charter school

who is gcoa?

Students who connect with the outdoors and learn and play outside are healthier, happier, and perform better academically. Glen Canyon Outdoor Academy (GCOA) is reimagining our traditional public educational model in the context of our stunningly beautiful southwestern outdoor environment around Page, Arizona. GCOA is a free K-8 public charter school serving the communities of Page, AZ and surrounding Navajo Nation reservation communities. Page has a population of nearly 8,000 and is the largest town within a 130 mile radius, located in the center of the Grand Circle atop the majestic Colorado Plateau

The fusion of

world renowned natural beauty and GCOA’s new and innovative approach of weaving nature, culture, and student-led programs provides an unparalleled approach to public education for our region.

Find out about

our Exhibitions of Learning, Family Field Hours, Board Meetings, and more!

We are accepting

enrollment for grades K-7 for the 2023/24 school year with an average student:teacher ratio of 24:1. Teacher’s assistants decrease that ratio to approximately 16:1

Teacher Average Salary for budget year 2024: $48,500        Teacher Average Salary for budget year 2023: $47,750*       Increase in salary from prior year 2023: $750   Percent Increase: 1.6%

Public Records Request: Please send records request to Shadoe Schoppmann @ Shadoe@gcoacademy.org or Nikki Jaborski @ nikkijaborski@gcoacademy.org or 928-813-8422